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Dream Swing Download Free v20230822 PC Game setup in a single direct link for Windows provided by the ocean of games real link. It is an amazing action, casual, and indie game Dream Swing free download. You’re not soaring in a plane, though; you’re swinging, arms pumped, on a magical rope that lets you dance through the very canvas of dreams. This, my friends, is Dream Swing, the mobile game that’ll turn your thumbs into wings and your phone into a portal to an unforgettable adventure.

Dream Swing v20230822 PC Game 2023 Overview

Dream Swing delivers that and more. Think Tarzan meets Spider-Man, but set in a playground spun from pure imagination. You’ll master epic swings, grapple through gravity-defying landscapes, and conquer challenges that’ll make your heart race (in a good way, of course).

Dream Swing Download Free Pc Game

Dream Swing takes that childhood joy and throws it into overdrive, transforming your phone into a portal to breathtaking aerial adventures for Dream Swing download latest version here. But it’s not just mindless swinging – prepare to unleash your inner acrobat in a dance of skill and strategy.

1. Landscapes Painted with Dreams: Every pixel in Dream Swing whispers artistry. Each level unfolds like a hand-drawn masterpiece, meticulously crafted to immerse you in its unique charm. Lush forests pulsate with vibrant shades of green, punctuated by vibrant wildflowers and glistening waterfalls.

2. A Symphony of Movement: But Dream Swing isn’t just a static painting – it’s a canvas pulsing with life. With every swing, the world responds in a mesmerizing dance of animation and effects. Leaves rustle in the wind, sunlight flickers through emerald boughs, and water droplets sparkle like diamonds as you soar through cascading waterfalls.

3. Soundtracks that Stir the Soul: The visual feast wouldn’t be complete without a sonic masterpiece to match. Dream Swing’s soundtrack is a dynamic tapestry woven from atmospheric ambient textures and heart-pounding action cues. As you glide through serene meadows, a gentle melody washes over you, carrying the sweet chirping of birds and the rustle of leaves.

Features Summary

1. Swinging Symphony:

  • Masterful Momentum: Tap and hold to launch yourself forward, releasing at the apex to catch the next anchor point. Build momentum and swing with the grace of a seasoned spider, traversing canyons and soaring through vibrant skies during Dream Swing download for PC.
  • Discover Diverse Swings: Experiment with different swing types, each with unique quirks and benefits. From the classic rope to the wind-powered glider and the Tarzan-esque vine, your arsenal of aerial acrobatics expands as you progress.

2. Conquering Challenges:

  • Thrilling Trials: Dream Swing isn’t just about the serene beauty – prepare for obstacles that’ll test your reflexes and strategic thinking. Dodge wind gusts, navigate intricate pathways and face off against mischievous creatures guarding hidden secrets.
  • Level Up Your Skills: With each level, the challenge ramps up, demanding precision and adaptation. Master these trials, and you’ll evolve into a true swing-slinging hero, conquering every obstacle with exhilarating triumph.

3. Time Trials and Trophy Triumphs:

  • Push Your Limits: Think you’ve mastered the swing? Put your skills to the test in thrilling time trials! Race against the clock, collect every orb and push your limits to achieve record-breaking speeds. Claim your place on the global leaderboards and let your name soar among the game’s elite.
  • Unveiling Hidden Secrets: For dedicated explorers, hidden secrets are tucked away in every corner of the world, waiting to be discovered. Uncover them all and unlock dazzling rewards, customizing your swinging hero with stylish outfits and powerful upgrades.

4. Dazzling Visuals and Immersive Soundscapes:

  • Lost in the Beauty: Dream Swing immerses you in breathtaking environments, from lush forests dotted with cascading waterfalls to starry night skies illuminated by vibrant constellations. Each level unfolds like a meticulously crafted painting, drawing you deeper into its enchanting world inside Dream Swing download for adults.
  • Hear the Thrill: The atmospheric soundtrack and realistic sound effects complement the visuals perfectly. Feel the wind rushing past your ears, the rhythmic creak of the swings, and the triumphant score that swells as you conquer each challenge.
Dream Swing Download Full Version

Technical Specifications of This Release

Game Versionv20230822
Interface LanguageEnglish
Audio LanguageEnglish
Uploader / Re packer GroupOcean of Game
Game File NameDream_Swing_v20230822.zip
Game Download Size1.9 GB

System Requirements of Dream Swing v20230822

Before you start Dream Swing Download v20230822 Free make sure your PC meets minimum system requirements.


  • Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system
  • OS: Windows 7 or above
  • Processor: 2.0 GHz or higher
  • Memory: 2 GB RAM
  • Graphics: GPU with DX10 or higher
  • DirectX: Version 10
  • Storage: 2 GB available space
Dream Swing Download Highly Compressed

Dream Swing Download v20230822 Free

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