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Calling all racing enthusiasts! Buckle up and get ready to experience the ultimate motorsport thrill with Circuit Superstars TENOKE by Ocean of Games, the free-to-play top-down racer built for game-crazy junkies like you! ️

This gem of a game is more than just a casual drive. Developed by passionate fans, Circuit Superstars celebrates generations of racing disciplines, offering you a tactile handling model that lets you feel every corner, drift, and rumble of the asphalt in the TENOKE category.

Circuit Superstars Tenoke Download Free

Circuit Superstars TENOKE PC Game Overview

  1. Master Diverse Motorsports: Choose your weapon from a fleet of 12 unique vehicles, conquering tracks in Rallycross, Open Wheel, SuperTrucks, GT racing, and more! (Imagine roaring through a dirt track in a rally car or speeding through a sleek circuit in a GT racer!)
  2. Strategize for Victory: Fuel usage, tire degradation, and racing damage add a layer of realism, demanding smart pit stop strategies. Will you risk it for glory or play it safe for a podium finish?
  3. Battle Online or With Friends: Dive into intense multiplayer races with up to 12 players worldwide, or create custom lobbies and tournaments to test your skills against your friends. Can you claim the top spot on the global leaderboards?
  4. Hone Your Craft: Push your limits in weekly time trials and conquer single-player Grand Prix challenges for each category. Every corner mastered, every second shaved off brings you closer to racing greatness!
  5. Customize & Celebrate: Unlock liveries, helmets, and victory celebrations to personalize your ride and show off your style. Let your car and driver scream your racing spirit!

Main Features of Circuit Superstars TENOKE

  • Explore 32 Tracks: Immerse yourself in 17 vibrant locations, each with its unique layout and challenges. From sun-drenched coasts to rain-slicked cityscapes, every track promises a fresh craze rush!
  • Learn from the Best: Watch replays of your races and study the lines of global ghosts, including celebrities from Top Gear! Every corner holds a lesson to be learned. ️‍
  • Built by Racing Fans, for Racing Fans: Feel the passion in every detail, crafted by developers who live and breathe motorsport. Their love for the sport shines through, making Circuit Superstars a true masterpiece for enthusiasts like you!
Main Features Of Circuit Superstars Tenoke Ocean Of Games

1. Conquering Corners with Precision:

  • The Art of the Apex: Forget wide turns, mastering the apex is the key to shaving seconds off your lap time. This involves hitting the point closest to the inside of the corner at the highest possible speed, allowing you to carry momentum through the exit and onto the straight. Practice finding the perfect line for each track and corner, and feel the satisfying grip of your tires as you nail the apex.
  • Drifting Like a Pro: Drifting isn’t just about showmanship; it’s a powerful tool to navigate tight corners and maintain speed. Learn to control the power and angle of your car, initiate drifts smoothly, and maintain a controlled slide through the corner. Master this advanced technique, and watch your lap times plummet as you leave opponents in the dust.

2. Powering Up Your Pit Stop Strategy:

  • Fuel Economy for the Win: Don’t be a fuel guzzler! Circuit Superstars TENOKE introduces realistic fuel consumption, forcing you to plan your laps and pit stops strategically. Learn to adjust your racing line and throttle control to maximize fuel efficiency, ensuring you reach the finish line without running dry. Remember, sometimes slowing down is the fastest way to victory.
  • Tire Management: Tread Lightly: Tires are your car’s connection to the track, and their condition plays a crucial role in your performance. Learn to read the wear and tear on your tires, and understand when it’s the right time to pit for fresh rubber. Pushing worn tires can lead to slowdowns and even blowouts, while a well-timed pit stop can keep you ahead of the pack.

3. Damage Control: From Dents to Dominance:

  • The Thrill of Risk and Reward: Collisions and bumps are inevitable in the heat of competition. Circuit Superstars TENOKE simulates realistic car damage, affecting your handling and performance. Weigh the risks of pushing through minor damage against the potential advantage of a pit stop for repairs. Sometimes, a daring decision can turn a setback into a strategic win in the game.
  • Adapt and Overcome: Don’t let damage define your race. Learn to adjust your driving style and lines to compensate for a dented fender or a broken wing. Mastering this adaptability will allow you to maintain control and keep your rivals in your sights, even with a battered car.
Circuit Superstars Tenoke Gameplay By Oceanofgames

Ready to unleash your inner racer and conquer the tracks? Download Circuit Superstars TENOKE today!

Download Circuit Superstars TENOKE for PC

  1. Game: Circuit Superstars TENOKE Free for PC
  2. Version: v1.5.0
  3. Platform: PC (Windows 8.1/10, 64-bit only)
  4. Download Size: 1.8 GB
  5. Language: English (interface and audio)

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